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Kerr self-sealing jars and the Kerr Economy were created in 1903. Kerr also founded the Hermetic Fruit Jar Company in. The Kerr Economy and Kerr Self Sealing jars were developed in 1903. because authentic Mason jars are still being produced under the names Kerr and. Before company consolidations reduced the variety of canning jar brands, hundreds of smaller companies made their own versions of the canning jar types mentioned above.If you want to format a hard drive while using or installing Windows XP, you've come to the right place. What Are the Steps Involved in the Manufacturing of Glass Bottles. Food preservation has always been essential to human survival. Reproductions of some of the most valuable mason jars date back almost 40 years. Older jars come in all sizes, shapes, colors and prices.Dating antique bottles requires knowledge of the evolution of bottle technology and the ability to research manufacturers and bottling companies. Embossed markings on glass jars, bottles and other containers can add considerably to their monetary value. Famous glass companies with histories that go back a century ago include prominent glass makers such as Baccarat in France and Waterford. Ball began manufacturing glass jars in 1883, followed by the Kerr Company. Mason jars, which are also known as Ball jars, have been used for home canning for more than 150 years. Most Valuable Ball Mason Jars; How to Date Kerr Jars;. Even so it was a step forward from earlier preserving methods of drying, pickling, salting and smoking and offered a way to preserve a greater variety of the summer’s harvest. Mason developed a way to cut threads into a metal lid. You will still find them commonly in antique stores.Often chosen by homeowners for their sleek look, ceramic glass stove tops seem easier to clean than traditional electric or gas stove. If you are attempting to guess the date that a jar was manufactured. Dating antique bottles requires knowledge of the evolution of. The advent of Ball Mason jars changed the face of home canning and, decades later. Mason paired the threaded and gasketed lid with a matching threaded glass jar that was re-useable. If you see 1858 on the Mason jar, that is the patent date and not the date of the jar’s manufacture. This is the familiar jar with both glass top and container and the wire clamp to hold the top on. This was a common model until the 1960s, and some are still in use. Kerr, whose company was founded in 1903, developed the glass jar with a gasketed flat metal lid held in place until sealed with a threaded metal ring. The Ball brothers were container manufacturers who switched to glass jars in 1883.Instructions Look for a ring of glass or a dark indention on the base of the jar.

Ball brand mason jars were originally produced in 1884 by the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company (now simply called the Ball Corporation). net there is a progression chart dating different jar styles from 1885 to the present. Kerr, Golden Harvest, Bernardin and Ball brands are presently all manufactured by Alltrista Corporation.Soldiers, too, were often left on the battlefields without proper nourishment due to the lack of food-storage solutions.Indeed, in 1809, Napoleon offered 10,000 francs to anyone that could devise a way to...Humans have used some form of glass for more than 9,000. You may save empty food containers, like jars and plastic tubs, to store small. In 1885, the Ball brothers of Buffalo, New York began manufacturing a kind of glass canning jar that had been patented by. Look for the Kerr name, which is embossed onto the surface. If the base is smooth at the jar's lip, it was made by a machine after 1915. Look for small scars at the bottom and look to see if the design is more modern. Kerr jars are often the brand of the choice when it comes to canning. I recently managed to dig out a couple of Drey brand jars from several boxes of used mixed contemporary jars and purchased them for a quarter each.Recycling does not always mean putting something in the recycle bin. This means it would be post-1930, during days of more efficient machines. They often are offered for to each if sorted by dealers first.

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